High-Performance Object-Oriented and Middleware Systems

Topic 17


This topic will focus on object-orientation in a broad range of topics (including parallelism, communication, distribution, and high-performance applications and systems) and Java in the broad area of high-performance computing (including engineering and scientific applications, simulations, and data-intensive applications).


Object-Orientation (OO) in a broad range of Topics, including:

·       Parallelism

·       Communication

·       Distribution

·       High-Performance Applications and Systems.

Java in the broad area of High-Performance Computing including:

·       Large Scale Enterprise Middleware

·       Scalable Grade Middleware -- Autonomic Systems

·       Engineering and Scientific Applications

·       Simulations and Data-intensive Applications.

Global Chair

Prof. Geoffrey Fox

Community Grids Laboratory

Indiana University, USA


Vice Chairs

Dr. Mark Bull

Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)

University of Edinburgh, UK

Email: M.Bull@epcc.ed.ac.uk

Dr. Andrew Wendelborn

Department of Computer Science
University of Adelaide,  Australia

Email: andrew@cs.adelaide.edu.au

Local Chair

Prof. Michael Philippsen

Institut für Informatik

Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Email: philippsen@cs.fau.de