Distributed Systems and Distributed Multimedia

Topic 16


Euro-Par intends to provide a forum for researchers from academia and industry interested in distributed systems, including communication and operating systems aspects.

For the first time at Euro-Par we want to lay a special emphasis on the questions of distributed multimedia systems. We believe that multimedia is one of the most important challenges of the next decade and therefore it is worth to set such a focus. We are especially interested in the questions of digital items in distributed multimedia systems as defined in MPEG-21.


  • Techniques and formal models for the design and analysis of distributed (multimedia) systems
  • Architectures and structuring mechanisms for parallel and distributed (multimedia) systems
  • Distributed (multimedia) operating systems
  • Concurrency, performance and scalability in distributed (multimedia) systems
  • Fault tolerance of distributed (multimedia) systems
  • Transparency in distributed (multimedia) systems
  • Media-, system- and application-level adaptation in distributed multimedia systems
  • Streaming and quality of service in distributed multimedia systems
  • Technologies and applications related to MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 multimedia representation standards
  • Technologies and applications relying on the notion of digital item as defined in the MPEG-21 standard

Global Chair

Prof. Fernando Pereira

Electrical and Computers Department

Instituto Superior Técnico

Lisboa, Portugal

Email: Fernando.Pereira@lx.it.pt  

Vice Chairs

Prof. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE),

University of Ottawa, Canada

Email: elsaddik@site.uottawa.ca  abed@mcrlab.uottawa.ca

Dr. Roy Friedman

Department of Computer Science,

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,

Haifa, Israel
E-mail: roy@cs.technion.ac.il

Local Chair

Prof. Laszlo Böszörmenyi

Institute of Information Technology

University Klagenfurt, Austria

Email: laszlo@itec.uni-klu.ac.at