Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks

Topic 14


This topic is devoted to communication in parallel computers, networks of workstations, and more widely distributed systems such as grids. All aspects of communication will be examined, including the design and implementation of interconnection networks and communication protocols, advances in system area and storage area networks, routing and communication algorithms, and the communication costs of parallel and distributed algorithms. Contributed papers are sought that present significant, original advances in the theory and/or practice of communication in on-chip interconnects, parallel computers, and distributed systems, up to grid computing infrastructures. Contributions addressing novel aspects such as techniques to reduce power consumption and/or heat dissipation are particularly welcome.


  • Interconnection networks
  • Routing algorithms
  • On-chip and power-efficient interconnects
  • Network adapters and high-speed system area networks for cluster computing
  • I/O architectures and storage area networks
  • Switch architectures
  • Lightweight and user-level communication protocols
  • Fault-tolerant and reconfigurable networks
  • Multimedia and QoS-aware communication
  • Network performance measurement and analysis
  • Communication costs of parallel and distributed algorithms
  • Collective communication and synchronization support for parallel computation

Global Chair

Prof. Josť Duato

Technical University of Valencia, Spain


Vice Chairs

Prof. Olav Lysne

Simula Research Lab and University of Oslo, Norway


Prof. Timothy Pinkston

University of Southern California, USA


Local Chair

Prof. Hermann Hellwagner
Institute of Information Technology

University Klagenfurt, Austria