Grid Computing and Middleware Systems

Topic 06


Grid computing, streamlined by the successful Global Grid Forum (GGF), has become a major new research area over the past few years, with strong involvement from both academia and the computing industry. Although much progress has been made in the deployment of grid infrastructures, many challenges still lie ahead of us before the ultimate goal of the grid can be realized. The research issues cover many areas of computer science, ranging from fundamental problems (imposed by the sheer size of a grid), software engineering problems (due to the inherent complexity), and technical issues, to a demand for more application experience. Research on Grid technology, therefore, will greatly benefit from interactions with related areas of Computer Science, making Euro-Par an excellent platform to discuss such research issues.


  • Grid middleware
  • Resource management
  • Security
  • Programming languages and models
  • Scheduling and load balancing
  • Grid algorithms and applications
  • Distributed supercomputing
  • Peer-to-peer computing for the Grid
  • Management of large-scale distributed data
  • Portals

Global Chair

Prof. Henri Bal

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands


Vice Chairs

Dr. Domenico LaForenza

Information Science and Technologies Institute

Italian National Research Council (CNR)

Pisa, Italy


Prof. Thierry Priol

INRIA Rennes Research Unit, France


Local Chair

Prof. Peter Kacsuk

Computer and Automation Research Institute

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Budapest, Hungary