Parallel and Distributed Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Topic 05


To manage the very large amount of data today available, computer scientists are working on efficient systems, algorithms and applications that can handle and analyze very large databases. Intensive data consuming applications are running on very large databases (on data warehouses, on multimedia databases) with the task to extract information diamonds. Data mining is one of the key applications here. However, these intensive data consuming applications suffer from performance problems and single database sources. Introducing data distribution and parallel processing help to overcome resource bottlenecks and to achieve guaranteed throughput, quality of service, and system scalability. Distributed architectures supported by high performance networks and intelligent middleware offer parallel and distributed databases a great opportunity to support cost-effective everyday applications.

We especially solicit submissions for either the Experience and Application Section, or the traditional System and Research Section.


Experience and Application Section

  • data mining, knowledge discovery
  • multimedia applications
  • data warehousing and decision support
  • discovering structures in web data, web data mining
  • mobile computing and databases
  • web applications
  • data-intensive grids
  • case studies


System and Research Section

  • query optimization and query processing
  • parallel algorithms for data mining
  • communication requirements for parallel data mining
  • data representation and storage for fast access
  • middleware and architectural issues
  • transaction processing
  • distributed knowledge discovery

Global Chair

Prof. Bernhard Mitschang

Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems

Universitšt Stuttgart, Germany


Vice Chairs

Prof. David Skillicorn

Queen's University

Kingston, Canada


Dr. Philippe Bonnet

Datalogisk Institut

KÝbenhavns Universitet, Denmark


Local Chair

Prof. Domenico Talia

Dipartimento di Elettronica Informatica e Sistemistica

University of Calabria, Italy