Topic 19
Demonstration of Parallel and Distributed Computing

Topic Description and Chairs
Demonstration Session 19.1
Demonstration Session 19.2

Demonstration Session 19.1:

Time Thursday, August 28, 2003, 11.00 - 13.00
Location  sz-109
Chair M. Kropfberger
Coupling Parallel Simulation and Multi-display Visualization on a PC Cluster
    J. Allard, B. Rafin, F. Zara
Kerrighed: a Single System Image Cluster Operating System for High
Performance Computing
    C. Morin, R. Lottiaux, G. Vallée, P. Gallard, G. Utard, R. Badrinath, L. Rilling
Demonstration of P-GRADE job-mode for the Grid 
    P. Kacsuk, R. Lovas, J. Kovács, F. Szalai, G. Gombás, N. Podhorszki,  A. Horváth, A. Horányi, I. Szeberényi, T. Delaitre, G. Terstyánszky,  A. Gourgoulis


Demonstration Session 2:

Time Thursday, August 28, 2003, 11.00 - 13.00
Location  sz-109
Chair Henk Sips
ASSIST demo: a high level, high performance, portable, structured parallel programming environment at work
    M. Aldinucci, S. Campa, P. Ciullo, M. Coppola, M. Danelutto, P. Pesciullesi, R. Ravazzolo, M. Torquati, M. Vanneschi, C. Zoccolo
KOJAK A Tool Set for Automatic Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs 
    B. Mohr, F. Wolf
Visual System for Developing of Parallel Programs 
    O. G. Monakhov