Euro-Par 2003 Program Overview per Topics

Industrial Session

Topic 01: Support Tools and Environments
Topic 02: Performance Evaluation and Prediction  
Topic 03: Scheduling and Load Balancing  
Topic 04: Compilers for High Performance
Topic 05: Parallel and Distributed Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Topic 06: Grid Computing and Middleware Systems
Topic 07: Applications on High-Performance Computers
Topic 08: Parallel Computer Architecture and Instruction-Level Parallelism
Topic 09: Distributed Algorithms
Topic 10: Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Programming Languages
Topic 11: Numerical Algorithms and Scientific Engineering Problems
Topic 13: Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation
Topic 14: Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks
Topic 15: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Topic 12+16: Multimedia and Distributed Systems
Topic 18: Peer-to-Peer Computing
Topic 19: Demonstration of Parallel and Distributed Computing taken from the Topics above

APART-2 Workshop

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